Making the Most of a Trade Fair Presence

Trade fairs are a good way for companies to explore the national and overseas markets. According to experts, a good place to start in terms of finding the most appropriate events are organisations such as local Chambers of Commerce and other UK-based trade associations. Here you can meet people already involved in trading abroad and will be able to get unbiased advice as to which events are likely to be most lucrative for your product or services – and which to avoid.

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Thoroughly Research the Event

Having identified a potential event, don’t automatically assume it is the right … Read more

Adding a cinema to your home for under £20

When looking for a new home many people are either looking to increase the size of their home as their family grows, or will be downsizing as a result of their children having moved out on their own. Moving home can be one of the most stressful events in life and it is always best to use professional companies such as Conveyancing Solicitors Birmingham to take away the legal stress.

After moving into your new home you can start to decide how you are going to decorate each room and what their purpose will be. Have you ever thought … Read more

Optimise your Facebook brand page for SEO gains

Many businesses find it difficult to optimise their Facebook brand pages so that they receive more traffic and better quality leads. Facebook is now working a lot more with SEO to help business owners to reach their target market; even better, following these SEO tips can help you to optimise your Facebook brand page to get more likes and followers and eventually more business growth.

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Have the right page name

The name of your Facebook brand page should be the first thing you think about when trying to optimise SEO. A brand page name should reflect exactly what … Read more

Three Main Types of Permanent Hair Removal

The number of people, both men and women looking for permanent Vancouver laser hair removal has seen huge growth in the last decade.There are three main types of permanent hair removal and you may find one type is better suited to you between laser, IPL or electrolysis.


Laser is the most popular and well-known but may not be the best option as it doesn’t work for everyone. Those with pale skin and dark hair are the best candidates for reducing unwanted hair from upper lips, armpits & bikini line. It can be used on other areas as well except … Read more

Why are grey uPVC windows so popular?

Grey homes are much in vogue, especially in “gentrifying” neighbourhoods. Both practical and aesthetic motives are driving this trend.

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Practical reasons

Grey is terrific for covering imperfections, odd shapes and asymmetries. That’s one reason it has traditionally been used for undercoats. An important consideration is that external furniture such as guttering, electric cables, and downpipes are very often grey, so you can use grey walls to make them almost invisible. Grey also blends naturally with materials like stone and concrete.

Conversely, once you have a grey exterior it makes it easy to match up any pipes, rainwear or … Read more

Shoe colours to wear with a navy dress

Navy is the official sister of black and goes with just about any other colour. It is a colour commonly worn by men, from suits to knitwear, but is also a popular colour for women, with a variety of dresses and workplace suits available. Finding a navy shoe that matches can sometimes be impossible; fortunately, there are several colours that complement navy.

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Bold colours complement navy

Black is not a good choice, so it is best to go for a completely different colour. Be bold and daring; alternatively, if you are not feeling so confident, you can select … Read more

Low-calorie drinks to keep you hydrated

Homemade iced tea has an acquired taste and is popular in the USA. It does have nutritional benefits and it makes for a refreshing summer drink. If iced tea does not appeal to you, there are plenty of alternatives, such as herbal teas in a variety of flavours from chamomile to blackberry and blueberry to strawberry and vanilla. They can be consumed hot or cold, and with added vitamin C, they will ensure your immune system stays on form.

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Perfect summer drinks will ensure you stay cool

Kombucha has come to prominence in recent years thanks to the … Read more

How to prioritise home improvement projects

You only have to turn the television on nowadays to be bombarded with a plethora of programmes demonstrating how to double the size of your home and why you should renovate instead of move. But which home improvement projects are critical and how should you prioritise any work you undertake? Home improvements largely fall into three categories, let’s take a look at them in more detail.

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Ensuring your home is safe

Any damage to your property which could potentially cause injury to your family has to be right at the top of your priority list. For example, a … Read more

Medical Pioneers – Archibald McIndoe

If you’ve never heard of Archibald Hector McIndoe, he was a surgeon born in New Zealand who pioneered new ways to treat burns victims during the Second World War. His work revolutionised the practice of plastic surgery, which is quite a statement to make about a man whose name is not particularly well-known.

McIndoe was born in 1900 in a town called Dunedin, NZ. He graduated from the medical school of the University of Otogo in 1923. In 1924, he was awarded the very first New Zealand fellowship to the top Mayo Clinic in America. He spent four years … Read more

Five Myths About Custom Homes

Our home is a place where we spend a big part of our lives, having one that’s custom built for you will reflect your taste and better suit your lifestyle. There are some myths that surround the idea of a custom built home, like the hassle and extra time involved. Let’s take a look at some of those common myths:

You Have To Know Design

As a homeowner the idea of custom home design may seem overwhelming, when the reality is all you need is a vision of how that home will look. Once you’ve settled on a quality custom … Read more

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