Auf Wiedersehen Pet series 1

“I should be so go for you”, sang Joe Fagan on the theme tune to Auf Wiedersehen Pet. This was a popular TV show in the 1980’s featuring the adventures of the new “magnificent seven”. In this case, some English bricklayers who had decided to go to Germany to work as there was more opportunity than at home. They were “Brickie’s” from Newcastle Dennis, Neville and Oz and Bomber from Bristol (real life wrestler Pat Roach), Liverpudlian Plasterer Moxie, Joiner Wayne from “Sarf” London and Electrician Barry from Birmingham.

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Promised the chance to live in hostel the group are told that all of the places have been taking. Therefore, the boys are forced to live in a communal hut that they see as being equivalent to a POW camp. Barry would have probably have preferred to stay at home and had access to a Birmingham Serviced Apartment. If he’d been able to he may have checked out this It might have made a better set of living arrangements than what he ended up with.

The lads eventually all decide to make the best of it and start to form life long friendships that will ensure that they get 2 more series and a Christmas special out of it. The piece is respectful to their German, as it is set in Dusseldorf, hosts up to a point.  Thankfully, apart from where they live there are few, if any, references or jokes about the war. Highlights included the married Neville accidentally,when drunk,getting a tattoo with the name “Lotte” on it. He originally puts a plaster over it claiming an injury so that his wife Brenda doesn’t find out, Luckily, he is able to get a parlour to change it to Brenda later. Oz attempts to smuggle a consignment of German porn that he can resell on the black market as it is stronger than anything in Britain. He uses a coffin only to find that someone has been buried in it back in his native Newcastle. He decides to leave Germany once the news that Kevin Keegan is going to play for Newcastle emerges. He is also outraged to find, following an accident, that he has been given a blood transfusion and now has German blood in his veins.

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The stars of the show went on too many other successes. Neville, as played by Kevin Whatley, became the popular Lewis character, the “sidekick” to Inspector Morse, He now has his own series as Lewis. Timothy Spall went on tocritical acclaim in the film Secrets and Lies and has enjoyed several high-profile Hollywood roles in Harry Potter and Disney’s Enchanted. Jimmy Nail or aka Oz also found success as tough cop Spender but also, surprisingly, enjoyed a singing career with the hits Crocodile Shoes even reaching no 4 in the UK chart.