4 great home tips we learned from Marie Kondo

If an item doesn’t spark joy when you hold it, thank it for its service and say goodbye. Here are four lessons you can learn by following Marie Kondo’s style.

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Sort by categories, not rooms

Start with clothes, then move onto more emotional items such as old books and trinkets. Stick to the simple, even when it comes to home design. Simple white interiors with black laminate flooring and minimal clutter can be the way to go.

Don’t get nostalgic

You must do this without getting distracted by nostalgic items such as memory boxes. Remember to stick to the items that are less emotionally charged until you feel ready to take on the big stuff. It is worth reading about how Kondo organises her time and stays focused.


Imagine your belongings have feelings. Would you be happy all scrunched up in a drawer like your tea towels? Does your scratchy old carpet feel loved? It might be better off replaced with new flooring from a specialist such as https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring/black.html or recycled.

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It will refresh your personal style

You will no longer find yourself reaching for the same items every day for the sake of ease; instead, you will reach for things because you love them. Use this as an opportunity to renew how you see your wardrobe, your shelves, and even the children’s bedrooms.

Use these lessons from Marie Kondo to simplify your home and make it a place to be truly proud of.