5 ways to engage restaurant customers with Instagram

When it comes to publicity, social media is a huge part of drawing in customers, and Instagram is a surprisingly versatile way of engaging with people. Read on for some top tips on how to use Instagram to engage with customers.

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Use stories

Instagram stories are a relatively new feature in terms of the app’s lifespan as a whole. They allow you to post pictures and small clips of your restaurant and menu items easily and quickly to the general public. Make use of popular hashtags and location tags to draw in a wider audience.

Be active

What bores people? An Instagram page that posts pictures and does nothing else. Instead, reach out to your followers. Use captions that encourage discussion and ask questions, ask for opinions and then reply to comments. Replying does a great deal – it increases authenticity, which certainly counts for a lot on the internet.

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Show off your uniqueness

What makes your restaurant unique? If your establishment has a particularly special dish, shout about it on Instagram and get known for your individual dishes. Or if it’s the act of ordering itself that is different from most, then post this as well. This place runs entirely off Instagram.

Be genuine

There’s nothing worse than a robotic Instagram feed used only for marketing purposes – and people can smell it a mile off. Make sure than when you post, especially when you are posting just to advertise, that it has a genuine human touch. Don’t be afraid to use casual language, to speak as yourself and not as the company.

Post about the place itself

Do your catering suppliers have something different about them? Is there an unusual aesthetic to the restaurant’s interiors? Post about it. This is an especially good idea for independent restaurants. As well as unique dishes on the menu, you can engage customers with your Instagram feed by posting about cool or unusual parts of the place itself, or of the dining experience. Maybe even get some new things from suppliers such as https://www.247cateringsupplies.co.uk/ if you’re stuck with old, overused equipment. Every update helps.

These tips should help you on your way to creating an Instagram page with a healthy amount of engagement. Just remember: people want activity, unique selling points, and most of all, the human touch.