Using Extra Space for a Deck

When I first bought my home, there was a lot of unused space in the back of it. My wife and I thought about ways that we could use it. She suggested growing a garden, and I suggested adding a swimming pool. We came to a compromise of having a deck built that we could sit on all year long. We contacted the Timbertech decking company about having a consultation done that would give us an idea of how much the entire project would cost from construction and installation to finish.

After the consultation, my wife and I gave the company the approval to start on the new deck. I still think a swimming pool would have been better, but I couldn’t get my wife to go along with it. The same company that does regular decking can also add decking for pools and hot tubs, but I guess I won’t be needing that anytime soon. By the end of the week, the deck had been fully installed and my wife and I were ready to use it. We made some snacks and took them outside with us while we sat under the sun on our deck furniture and enjoyed the nice spring air.

The deck is really going to come in handy during the summer when it’s time to grill. My wife and I usually have a big summer party where we invite all of our friends and family over and cook a lot of meat and some vegetables. I’ve perfected my cooking technique to make the meat have just the right flavor and tenderness. Now when we have the party, we can all just sit out on the deck instead of using the old folding table and chairs or trying to crowd around the dinner table in the dining room.