Water Damage Can Go Unsuspected

Unseen water damage in Calgary results in potentially (very) expensive repair. At worst, it can devalue your house to the point that it cannot be sold at fair market value.

Water damage can occur in many ways. The most common cause of water damage is in the form of leaks. Leaks can occur in supply or drainage pipes,heaters, or HVAC units.

If a leak occurs in a pipe that supplies water, there are usually telltale signs like water bubbling through a crack, a damp area on floor or wall, or a spray of water coming from a pipe joint. Unless you’re out of the house when the leak starts, one can avoid expensive damage or repairs by simply turning the water  supply valve off.

More problematic are leaks that aren’t obvious at the start. These kinds of leaks slowly develop mold, rot wood, or undermine floors. A steady leak leak can cause spreading damage that can stain walls, carpeting, and furniture. If left unchecked, wallpaper, paneling, or plywood can delaminate, drywall gets soaked, and rust will form on metal furniture. Clean water that has leaked becomes grey water, with the resulting odor that tells you that something has gone wrong.

Furthermore, fungi or mold will start to form, and drywall and other porous building materials will become waterlogged. Over time, these can erode and disintegrate. Then what could have been a reasonable repair cost becomes something akin to a renovation.

In cases where gray water becomes black, it is almost always a certainty that pathogenic agents will be in it. At this moment, a health inspector may have to come in to assess the quality of the environment. Structural components, plumbing, and other lines need to be inspected to ensure that their continued use are not health and safety hazards. It goes without saying that appliance contaminated with black water will likely become unusable.

Since water damage is not always as obvious as a burst pipe, know which areas to check before expensive or unrepairable damage occurs. Under the sink is an easily forgotten but easy to check area. Place where pipe run through walls is another to check. Look for water seepage, stains, or soft spots in the wall. Bathrooms and water are natural companions, so make sure your caulking is in order. If you suspect a water line leak, also check you water consumption at the meter. A high rate is a telltale sign of a water leak.

If you do confirm a leak or damage, it is best to consult a lExtreme Quality Restoration Calgary water damage professionals  so that repairs can be done correctly the first time.