Old school marketing techniques that still work

Some things will never change, and just like death and taxes, there are a few marketing techniques that will always be around. As companies grapple with the world of new media and a globalised future, there are still many traditional ways of getting your brand name out there. Read on as we explore the marketing techniques that still work.

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Local marketing techniques

The techniques that truly stand the test of time are often those employed for local businesses such as vanity/custom phone numbers. Rather than just accept the local phone number the provider gave you, pay a bit more for a vanity number (e.g one with a pattern of numbers that can be easily memorised). When these numbers are used in local TV and radio ads, studies have shown that they can increase marketing responses by up to 40%. Another successful option is local TV and radio ads themselves. These are gold dust for local companies, as they’re a key way of increasing brand exposure to your local market. Many companies make the mistake of thinking that marketing should now be solely restricted to social media, but this simply isn’t true. Radio production is still booming, with many listening to digital local radio via the internet too.

Other marketing techniques

It’s not just local businesses that can enjoy the fruits of established marketing techniques. There are also some examples of truly great marketing ideas that can be used by any size of company, such as billboards.

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Until we all start living in self-contained pods, billboards will still be a key avenue for advertising, both on a local and national level. Billboards are vital during election season and have a huge effect on voter choices, so they can have a huge effect on your brand too.

Creating atmosphere with in store media, such as the music streaming services offered by https://moodmedia.co.uk/in-store-music-for-business/, is one of the oldest techniques for retail premises and one that continues to be a success, It is even evolving, thanks to technical advances. Music has been recognised as having an influencing effect on shoppers for many years now.

These traditional techniques, both for local and national businesses, continue to be as successful as ever and companies that remember this will get a consistently good response to their marketing efforts.