Could tracksuits and trainers be the future of British office wear?

Trends come and go, and by its very nature, fashion sees us all dressing in a similar way. There are trends that stand out, some that stand the test of time, and some we wish we could forget – puffball skirt, anyone?

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Today’s ‘must-wear’ trend is the growing popularity of athleisure; comfortable, sport-type attire that isn’t worn to play any type of games. Think trainers, leggings, sweatshirts and other similar pieces. Today, these casual items are beginning to make it into the workplace.

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Dress code

Many businesses are relaxing their dress codes and ‘business dress’ is not always standard anymore. Even businesses that do maintain a more formal dress code will often relax rules on occasions, for example, dress-down Fridays.

Casual dress often starts with trainers. It’s a definite decision. They’re comfy, they can support your feet and can be chosen to help a whole host of podiatry ailments. With such great technology available, why just restrict them to the gym? But it goes further. You can now buy trousers to go with a suit jacket that have a drawstring waist, tracksuit-style. Wear them with a conventional dress shirt, or something more of the moment like Farah shirts from specialist designer retailers like E J Menswear

Performance fabrics

Even today’s more ‘traditional’ looking workwear can take some inspiration from more sporty options in terms of fabric; easy or non-iron, breathable, or temperature-regulating materials can all be a great asset to standard workwear.

The Telegraph goes into more detail about the ongoing growth in popularity of the athleisure trend.

Ultimately the choice is yours. How you interpret the dress code at your place of work is up to you, and how you feel comfortable, and if you miss the mark, you’ll hear from HR. Most of us are more productive when we feel comfortable, and employers are taking note.

Pay attention to what others are wearing in your workplace before you branch out into full-on athleisure for work. Test the water, because you probably don’t want to be the first to have a conversation about your attire with the powers that be at work!

And think about what you’ll be doing after work; if you’re moving onto a social engagement, think ahead to whether your clothes will be appropriate for that transition.