Guys night out in San Diego California

Planning to go out with the boys but you are still looking for the best location to hang out? We are here to support you! San Diego is studded with places where you can have the time of your life with your friends. The wonderful big beaches and charming surroundings make San Diego a city where you cannot get uninterested, regardless of the time of the year.


If you and your friends feel like going for a tasty dinner, Bootlegger is the best location for that. This is a restaurant with a charming atmosphere where you can have a … Read more

Five common misconceptions about VoIP

To many companies it seems like there are many potential benefits from VoIP but on the other hand many unknowns. Most anxieties are unfounded. Here are five answers that may bring you down from the fence.

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Isn’t hosted PBX expensive?

On-premises telephony is hardware and wiring based, and therefore involves capital expenditure, operation and maintenance costs, and depreciation. Hosted PBX requires very little hardware that wasn’t already present, and all maintenance and IT support issues are taken care of for you.

Sooner or later your business requirements will change. With old-style telephone systems relocation of exchanges and phone … Read more

The Pure Joy and not Hell of St Trinians

School girls in Gymslips and stockings might sound like something that will get you into very big trouble if you google it, but it seems to be ok if its in relation to the girls St Trinians. This is the school for those girls who have rebelled from the norm and have been sent there by distraught parents who’ve basically had enough of them. Armed with Lacrosse and Hockey sticks primed from watching Hockey Drill Videos like the ones available at the Girls were well prepared to better the public schools lot. That they were the daughters of gangsters, … Read more