What is a diamond girdle?

At first glance, the ‘girdle’ of a diamond may not seem significant; however, it is a very important part of a cut diamond. What exactly is a girdle and what do you need to know about diamond girdles before making a purchase? Read on to find out more about this small but essential aspect.

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What is a girdle?

The girdle refers to the widest section of the cut of a diamond – the small section that separates the top of the diamond (the crown) from the bottom (the pavilion). As the widest circumference of the diamond, it is here at the girdle that a stone is held onto the casing.

Girdles are measured by their width, first by measuring how many millimetres it progresses down the diamond from the crown to the pavilion – on average, this is around 0.1 – 0.5mm – and then given as a percentage of the diameter. Extremely thin girdles (approximately one per cent) run the risk of chipping, whilst thick girdles (approximately four per cent) can make for dead weight and make the diamond appear smaller. A diamond with a medium girdle is considered the perfect option; however, thin and thick girdles can often reflect in lower price ranges, so might be worth considering. Thick girdles can also be beneficial in certain cuts, such as pear, heart or marquise.

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Types of girdle

There are three types of girdle: rough (or bruted), polished and faceted. The type of girdle will depend on the cut of the diamond; for example, a brilliant cut diamond – one of the most popular types found in diamond engagement rings – almost always has a faceted girdle, whilst a step cut diamond may have a polished girdle.

Other things to consider

Finding a Diamond Engagement Ring online is easy; however, there are lots of factors to consider in addition to the girdle, such as the clarity, cut, colour and carat. There is also the ring metal to consider. The best way to buy a ring is to do plenty of online research and then to find an established seller.

The girdle, the widest part of a ring, is more significant than you may at first have realised. Make sure you ask your seller about the width of the girdle before you make a purchase.