Danger from kratom  

We know a magical thing named kratom. Scientifically called Mitragyna speciosa and which contains more than 40 elements, some alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. With these components kratom has made an amazing chemical balance. That’s why we can use these kratom leaf and kratom products to make our life easy. We learn to use it as a pain killer, as supplements, as a medicine. For the medical purpose kratom is using for pain relief, reducing blood pressure, increasing physical and sexual energy etc. In the Southeast Asia people use this magical thing in many ways from a long time ago. So, it is not possible to finish saying about good uses of kratom. Find more info about kratom here http://thekratomtimes.com/

Misuse and effects

But there always has good and bad sides of everything. It can be refuse that kratom gives us so many good products to make our life easier. But kratom and kratom products can be easily misused. After 18-20 years a limited level dose of kratom can be useful for a human being. The safety level depends on doctor’s recommendation or the product type you want to use.

Misuse or overdose of kratom products can be bad for our health. Using over 100ml of kratom at a time can be cause of many side effects. This level of doses can be the cause of vomiting, sweating, migraine and so many others side effects. A dose of 300ml or more then that can be devastating for our health. It can be the matter of life and death.

To the young people and children

Young generation is the future of our world. But they can be easily attracted by any drug or clinical product. So we can say to them, do not misuse it. Always use kratom products in a safe way. It’s not only about kratom, we should think about everything before we use it.

Our main purpose is spread the kratom products in a very safe way in all around the world. That’s why you should need to know about its good or bad both sides. Don’t take any medicine or opium products without doctor’s recommendation. Be good, be safe.