Weird Facts Every Man Should Know About Erections

Some people believe that only doctors and other medical professionals should know about the human body, but the truth is that every single person should be aware of some basic information on how the human body works.

In most of the cases, people usually hesitate to talk about sexual health and how the reproductive organs of human beings work, which is not good at all. This hesitant attitude in many cases will not allow them to tackle many sexual issues.

In this article, we will be dealing with some secrets about male erections, including which male enhancement supplements such as Male Ultracore work best. Erection is simply the rigid state of the penis, and a strong erection is vital for a quality sexual intercourse and a smooth penetration.

1.   Ejaculation without erection

It may sound strange that men can have an ejaculation without an erection, but it’s totally possible. Men having super-tight pants or an electrostimulation can make men ejaculate, even without an erection.

2.   Condoms can affect erection

Wearing a condom is very important before having a sexual intercourse. However, there are cases where the condoms can make men lose their erection.

3.   Masturbation and penis size

Masturbation is regarded as a very common practice among men. And, masturbating can be quite addictive as well. Many men are involved in overmasturbation. Here is the suggestion for men. Try controlling the urge to masturbate. Stopping masturbation for several days can help in increasing the size of the erected penis.


Now, you’re one of the people who know a bit more about an erection in comparison to most of the normal people. Knowing these facts can also help in taking good care of male sexual health. Some of the secrets that are mentioned in this article must have been surprising as well as eye opening for many of you out there.

Tell these secrets to others, so that many others can be aware of these important facts. Knowing these facts can take away the many confusions and anxiety among people regarding male reproductive organ.