How Much Should I Be Paying into My Pension?

The amount that you pay into your pension depends on the type of pension scheme at your workplace. It also depends on whether you joined a voluntary or automatic enrolment scheme. For example, in a defined contribution scheme, you contribute £40, the employer contributes £30 and you get £10 tax relief. Your total contribution is £80. Contributions are based on earnings before tax, and how much is deducted for your pension depends on your pay.

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Workplace or employer pension contributions are lower than those of the individual, and in the UK pension contributions are being increased from April 2019. The current contribution ratio is 3% employee and 2% employer. The April increase means that employers will contribute 3%, while employees contribution becomes 5%. Therefore you will pay 8% of your salary toward your pension scheme. Due to this and other confusion that occurs with financial planning, many people opt to get financial assistance.

Choose a Regulated Financial Adviser

An FCA regulated financial adviser will give you advice and recommend pension and investment options. A growing number of UK financial experts use web-based software for financial advisers to increase profits and manage risks. This is an integrated personal finance portal that includes automated advice to improve client experience. Web-based business management includes income reconciliation, fund analysis, valuations suitability reports and other benefits tailored to individual areas of interest.

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You can click here to get options on software for financial advisers. It’s important for everyone to know how pensions work and clearly understand how both retirement and investments are secured. Experts that utilise software for financial advisers give you the option to see financial projections – basically assist you in understanding how your money is managed and will grow.

How Do You Ensure Your Pension Is Adequate?

In the UK, it is estimated that you will retire comfortably when your annual amount is between £23,000 and £27,000. Recent consumer research indicates that a retired couple will need a minimum of £18,000 a year for essentials like housing costs, transport, utilities and food. Calculations show that you need to invest £293 a month from age 25 in order to secure £23,000 at retirement age. It is based on an annual salary of £30,000 which include 4% employer contributions and a government pension. You can also check your pension contributions through the annual statement.