Five Myths About Custom Homes

Our home is a place where we spend a big part of our lives, having one that’s custom built for you will reflect your taste and better suit your lifestyle. There are some myths that surround the idea of a custom built home, like the hassle and extra time involved. Let’s take a look at some of those common myths:

You Have To Know Design

As a homeowner the idea of custom home design may seem overwhelming, when the reality is all you need is a vision of how that home will look. Once you’ve settled on a quality custom home builder they will arrange for your to sit down with an architect or home designer to make your dream a reality. You can be as involved as you like to design a home just for you.

There Are Hidden Costs

Many homeowners believe that a custom built home will means spending more than they budgeted for. The worry that they will be talked into more expensive finishings or find there are hidden costs on completion of the build. When you hire a reputable builder they will provide you with straightforward pricing sheets so you know exactly what you’re paying every step of the way.

Custom Homes Take Longer

There are a couple of things that can’ be controlled when build a home such as weather, the other is the selection process which can hold things up. Aside from those things a custom home doesn’t take any longer to build than any other home. Once the design process is complete your home is built to your exact specifications.

Custom Homes Are More Complicated

Seeing your dream home take shape should be an exciting time and not one that is filled with stress. A home built just for you involves making lots of choices and the finished product is something that reflects your taste and style and a good home builder will help make it a good experience.

Communication With Builders Is a Nightmare

Victoria BC custom home builders in the past have had a bad reputation for failing to communicate with their clients. It’s worth noting that a good custom builder will ensure that this will not be your experience. Good communication is key and you should have a good idea as you meet with your builder of choice as things progress. Your builder should get your approval on all selections and design plans especially if there are any changes. It’s comforting to be kept in the loop and be given regular updates on a regular basis as the work progresses. Having a home that’s built just for you and reflects your taste and fits your lifestyle and family should be a good experience and choosing the right custom home builder can make all the difference.