Shoe colours to wear with a navy dress

Navy is the official sister of black and goes with just about any other colour. It is a colour commonly worn by men, from suits to knitwear, but is also a popular colour for women, with a variety of dresses and workplace suits available. Finding a navy shoe that matches can sometimes be impossible; fortunately, there are several colours that complement navy.

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Bold colours complement navy

Black is not a good choice, so it is best to go for a completely different colour. Be bold and daring; alternatively, if you are not feeling so confident, you can select a muted shade. Brown with navy is often seen as a no-no; however, celebrities appearing on the red carpet wearing navy dresses and brown shoes has opened the door for the combination.

A perfect natural contrast to navy is pink. Again, this is for the bold and the brave, with a pair of high-heeled pink shoes working well with a pink handbag and exuding femininity. A deep pink shoe will always be a real head-turner.

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A dash of red for seduction

Like pink, yellow works well with a dark suit or dress. Orange also complement navy and provides a welcome splash of colour. The brighter the colour, the more contrast you will have in the outfit. If you don’t want to stand out too much, you can choose a darker or more muted shade of yellow or orange.

According to the Daily Mail, Jamie Chung has been nailing the casual chic look in a black maxi dress.

A nude heel can also complement a navy dress perfectly. Thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge and her fondness for the nude-coloured shoe, more and more women are wearing light neutral shoes with dark suits, dresses or casual wear.

All these colours would complement a navy maxi dress. A pair of lemon sandals or pink court shoes can conjure up a fun, sophisticated vibe, with an option such as a navy maxi dress at AX Paris perfect for a night out.

If you feel you could be more daring with a combination, red may work for you. If you throw in some white – perhaps with a T-shirt or blouse – you could end up with a nautical theme that is perfect for days by the sea.