Why are grey uPVC windows so popular?

Grey homes are much in vogue, especially in “gentrifying” neighbourhoods. Both practical and aesthetic motives are driving this trend.

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Practical reasons

Grey is terrific for covering imperfections, odd shapes and asymmetries. That’s one reason it has traditionally been used for undercoats. An important consideration is that external furniture such as guttering, electric cables, and downpipes are very often grey, so you can use grey walls to make them almost invisible. Grey also blends naturally with materials like stone and concrete.

Conversely, once you have a grey exterior it makes it easy to match up any pipes, rainwear or garden surface you install at a later date.

Because grey topcoats cover grey undercoats better than any other colour, you can save money by reducing the number of coats that need to be applied to get a satisfactory result. Grey is also easier to touch up later, whereas exotic colours can be hard to match. Grey lasts longer than a colour or white – deferring the day you have to decorate again, another big saving.

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Shades of grey

If you think choosing grey simplifies your choices, think again. There is battleship grey, graphite, slate grey, peppercorn, charcoal, blue gravel, gunmetal, heather grey and smoky mist, to name a few. If you’re mixing greys it’s better to go for a contrast rather than use two shades that are similar but not quite. See some great combinations here: https://www.houzz.com.au/magazine/5-fabulous-fail-safe-exterior-colour-palettes-stsetivw-vs~92335358.

As well as matching other features of your own home, greys are easier to match up with neighbouring homes and buildings. Streets that create a uniform experience look smarter than those in 57 varieties, and can boost property prices in that area. If you’re thinking of installing double glazing in Gloucester for example, make a point of checking out the colour schemes of your neighbours first.

Also remember to consider the colour scheme of your own outbuildings, conservatory and other external doors and glazing. It will be easier to match up the colour of all these things if you always get them from the same source (for example double glazing in Gloucester). Remember that double glazing in Gloucester soon pays for itself in energy savings too.

Paradoxically grey brings out your bright highlights. Consider combining it with bright green shutters, window boxes, hanging baskets, or shrubbery with colourful blooms and foliag