Three Main Types of Permanent Hair Removal

The number of people, both men and women looking for permanent Vancouver laser hair removal has seen huge growth in the last decade.There are three main types of permanent hair removal and you may find one type is better suited to you between laser, IPL or electrolysis.


Laser is the most popular and well-known but may not be the best option as it doesn’t work for everyone. Those with pale skin and dark hair are the best candidates for reducing unwanted hair from upper lips, armpits & bikini line. It can be used on other areas as well except dark skinned or light haired people. Four to six sessions are need spaced one month to six weeks apart and while it reduces unwanted hair there is no real permanent hair removal. The patient will not find it painful, similar to  a rubber band being snapped against the skin.


The second type of hair removal is IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light )which is similar to a laser but employs more wavelengths to target and kill hair roots. Results are more effective and may require less sessions to achieve the same result as laser removal. It works using a low dose of IPL continuously in short, deep into hair follicles which get absorbed by the hair papilla pigment. Each hair is decomposed and shrunk before it has a chance to erupt impacting hair growth. Number of sessions needed will depend on thickness of hair and size of target area treated. Patients reports are that it is more painful than laser hair removal, however some practitioners have developed ways to greatly reduce the discomfort associated with IPL.


Thought to be a more permanent form of hair removal, electrolysis delivers tiny pulses or currents as small as 1/1000  of a second in length to the skin to target hair follicles before they can develop. It can be used on any area of the body with sessions lasting up to 45 minutes and touch up sessions needed might be 15 to 20 minutes long. Electrolysis works for all hair colors and is said to be a more permanent method of hair removal. While it’s not entirely pain-free your technician will work with you at a pace suited to you and your pain threshold. Whichever type of permanent hair removal in Vancouver you choose be sure to work with a qualified technician.