Optimise your Facebook brand page for SEO gains

Many businesses find it difficult to optimise their Facebook brand pages so that they receive more traffic and better quality leads. Facebook is now working a lot more with SEO to help business owners to reach their target market; even better, following these SEO tips can help you to optimise your Facebook brand page to get more likes and followers and eventually more business growth.

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Have the right page name

The name of your Facebook brand page should be the first thing you think about when trying to optimise SEO. A brand page name should reflect exactly what your page is about. This could either be the name of your brand or one of the services you offer. Generic options will hurt your overall SEO, which is why so many businesses choose to work with professional SEO services in London to choose a great page name.

Remember that you want to get at least one keyword into your page name; however, try not to cram it full of keywords, as this has an opposite effect on SEO rankings.

Customise your Facebook page URL

Every brand page on Facebook has a URL that is completely customisable. You want a web address that makes it easier for people to find the brand page. Personalise the URL so that it includes your business name, strengthening brand recognition to attract more followers.

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Use keywords

Keywords are one of the most important things to use when doing any kind of social media marketing and SEO. Placing keywords strategically around your Facebook page will help it to appear in the top search results, increasing its findability. The essential places you should be putting keywords on your page, as recognised by professional SEO services in London, are on your main page, in the URL, and in the ‘about’ section. Remember that if you are looking for professional SEO services in London contact Elevate UK or another digital marketing specialist.

Keep your business information up to date

Business information displayed on a Facebook page will enable people on social media to find your brand. This also helps when people do local searches of different businesses, so it is a great tool when trying to grow your Facebook followers. Remember to always keep your details up to date and relevant.