Adding a cinema to your home for under £20

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After moving into your new home you can start to decide how you are going to decorate each room and what their purpose will be. Have you ever thought about having your own home cinema?

Recreating the experience of visiting a cinema in the comfort of your own home without having to face steep prices for tickets and popcorn can be a costly endeavour in its own right. But did you know that your smartphone can be turned into a movie projector for less than £20?


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Affordable Ambitions

The sensibly named Smartphone Projector is sold by various outlets, including and Mobile Fun, for as little as £10 in some cases. And for film fans on a budget, it is arguably the best way to bring movie magic to your living room without having to make a serious dent in your savings.

Going to the cinema is itself an expensive business, with annual price rises all too common. But this compact lets you project almost anything on to a flat surface using nothing more than your mobile of choice.

It’s constructed almost entirely out of cardboard, and projection is achieved via a magnifying lens which is affixed at the front of the box, creating an aperture through which the on-screen images can be beamed in an enlarged format.


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Recent Updates

The Smartphone Projector range has continued to improve in recent years, with larger models introduced to ensure that they are big enough to fit the more expansive displays of modern handsets like the iPhone X.

There are even special versions built to look like classic Polaroid cameras, oozing retro charm as a result.


There are a few things to note about the growing range of Smartphone Projector products before you buy. The first is the fact that they cannot really come close to matching the quality and experience of a living-room cinema set up using full systems.

Secondly, the images projected are reversed as a result of the way the lens works, so you can forget about watching subtitled movies using it, unless you can read backwards at high speed.

The affordability of this product is likely to win over people, along with its retro novelty. So as a stocking filler at Christmas or a cheap birthday treat, it is a fun if not entirely functional option.