What Are the Origins of Silicone Rubber?

In order to understand what silicone rubber is and what it is used for, it is necessary to go right back to the start and understand rubber in its purest form. Natural rubber actually derives from rubber trees and was first discovered in South America. The Olmec were the first major civilisation in Mexico and were the first culture known to make use of this natural resource. In fact, Olmec actually means ‘rubber people’. 

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All other types of rubber not derived from the rubber tree are synthetic or man-made. A synthetic polymer is a new substance which is … Read more

Make sure you keep drinking water.

It is only possible to perform at your very best for the whole 90 minutes of a football match by being in top physical shape. Part to this means staying properly hydrated. This is particularly important on match day itself, as your ability to perform will be impaired if you are not consuming enough fluids before, during and after the match.

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What steps can you take to make sure you are staying hydrated?

Small amounts but lots of them

A game of football can see the average player covering up to 12 kilometres and losing as much as … Read more

What are the main ingredients of good clinical governance

What are the main ingredients of good clinical governance

Improving the quality of patient care in the clinical environment reduces costs and improves patient outcomes. Clinical governance is a systematic organizational approach to improve patient outcome and reduce the number of critical incidents. It is a leadership system that encourages each team member to actively participate in providing better quality of care.


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The Foundation Basics

Good communication is open lines of communication between the members of the teams, across different teams all the way through management and must flow in all directions.

Next is leadership, which sets the … Read more

Customer and visitor waiting times and how to shorten them

Customer and visitor waiting times and how to shorten them

Nobody wants to be placed on hold and be forced to listen to a succession of tunes while they wait to speak to a living, breathing person. The longer a person has to wait, the more likely they are to be angry and frustrated once they do get through, which isn’t good for the operator taking the call, and it certainly isn’t good for your company’s reputation.  Also customers or visitors don’t want to be waiting by reception for long periods of time so a good system is needed.


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A Good Clean Halloween Party

I was trying to think of something fun to do with everyone who works at our company. We always have a Christmas party as well as a Valentine’s Day dinner. We have a get together in the summer months at least twice, complete with cookouts and fun. We don’t do anything in the autumn months though, so I decided to talk to someone at the event entertainment company that we always use for our themed events. I explained that I wanted to do something either in September or October, and they suggested that we go with a Halloween themed party.… Read more

Fixing a Poor Augmentation Job in Singapore

I traveled with my best friend who was in search of an aesthetic clinic in Singapore to do a simple breast procedure. She had heard that the best augmentation doctors were in Singapore and had been referred to a few by her doctor in the states. I believe they were all colleagues and would refer to each other if someone wasn’t comfortable performing an aesthetic procedure. For my friend, she had a botched job done to her and needed reconstruction done on her breasts.

As soon as we got to Singapore, Stacy had two meetings with doctors. Both of them … Read more

Tackling like a winner: essential techniques

It is a fact of life that most young players would rather spend their time working on dribbling, passing and shooting skills rather than learning how to tackle. Although defence positions are seen as being significantly less glamorous than those further forward, being able to tackle well and gaining possession of the ball for your side is crucial to the success of the game at all levels.


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There are many different kinds of tackling techniques that can be deployed during the course of a game, including block tackles, sliding tackles and jockeying. One key reason that drills are … Read more

Learning More About Fashion? Read This Article Now!

Being a fashion victim can lower your self image. If you are sick and tired of being a fashion victim, you may be surprised at just how easy it is to improve your style. The tips here can help you change your style for the better.

Sheer apparel can look good if done correctly. For example, if you find a blouse with sheer sleeves, that would probably look very nice. If you pick unwisely, you can run the risk of looking cheap, not classy.

Wear Jeans

You can wear jeans with a shirt and high-heel shoes in more formal occasions, … Read more