Tackling like a winner: essential techniques

It is a fact of life that most young players would rather spend their time working on dribbling, passing and shooting skills rather than learning how to tackle. Although defence positions are seen as being significantly less glamorous than those further forward, being able to tackle well and gaining possession of the ball for your side is crucial to the success of the game at all levels.


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There are many different kinds of tackling techniques that can be deployed during the course of a game, including block tackles, sliding tackles and jockeying. One key reason that drills are so useful is because they make it easier for players to work out which type of tackle is best suited to a particular situation.


To tackle well, a player must work on their technique until it becomes automatic and instinctual, perfect their timing, and develop the necessary toughness needed to make an aggressive challenge. Tackles should always be directed at the ball rather than the player, and defenders must become skilled at spotting the perfect opportunity to move in and take control.

All tackles need to be executed cleanly; otherwise, there is a risk of giving away a foul or even a penalty. It is also important that players learn to think about what they will do with the ball after the tackle. This is especially important in the case of a sliding tackle, as a defender ends up on the ground and is therefore unable to keep possession of the ball.


If you are struggling to find the time or simply lack the experience to put together a comprehensive coaching plan on your own, help is at hand. Companies offer hundreds of soccer drills that you can pick and choose from to ensure that all your training sessions are fun but still help your players to hone their skills.

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Practising tackling techniques on a regular basis not only builds physical skills but also mental ones. As is the case with many aspects of football, players who move in to tackle must be totally committed and determined to win the ball, while remaining calm and professional at all times. A half-hearted challenge will not only fail to win the ball from the opposing player but can also increase the risk of injury to both parties.