Fixing a Poor Augmentation Job in Singapore

I traveled with my best friend who was in search of an aesthetic clinic in Singapore to do a simple breast procedure. She had heard that the best augmentation doctors were in Singapore and had been referred to a few by her doctor in the states. I believe they were all colleagues and would refer to each other if someone wasn’t comfortable performing an aesthetic procedure. For my friend, she had a botched job done to her and needed reconstruction done on her breasts.

As soon as we got to Singapore, Stacy had two meetings with doctors. Both of them showed her their plans on fixing the botched job and she was trying to decide which one to go with in the end. Stacy wanted the least invasive and with the least downtime. Unfortunately, both seemed to have the same amount of downtime and would require 3 to 5 return visits. However, one doctor was able to plan out the procedure that would include removing scar tissue and completely revamping the breasts to look normal again.

When we went to get the procedure done, the doctor and the staff were all professional and went out of their way to make sure that we were comfortable, especially Stacy. She was nervous about the whole procedure and didn’t want another experience like she had last time while getting her breasts done. I was updated every 30 minutes on what was going on in the surgery room from a staff member. For me, it was an enjoyable experience and I couldn’t have changed anything!

For Stacy, the procedure ended and when she came out of anesthesia, she asked me “Do you think it went okay?” I told her it was way more professional than any clinic in the states! A week later, we went for a follow up to the surgery and the staff once again went above and beyond! The whole procedure from surgery to after care was done really well and Stacy’s botch breasts were fixed so well that you can almost not tell that anything was wrong with them at all!