Make sure you keep drinking water.

It is only possible to perform at your very best for the whole 90 minutes of a football match by being in top physical shape. Part to this means staying properly hydrated. This is particularly important on match day itself, as your ability to perform will be impaired if you are not consuming enough fluids before, during and after the match.

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What steps can you take to make sure you are staying hydrated?

Small amounts but lots of them

A game of football can see the average player covering up to 12 kilometres and losing as much as a kilo in weight as a result of dehydration. If you are a healthy weight and fit, this should be addressed immediately. After the match you should spend the next two to three hours drinking fluids until you are fully hydrated – The easiest way to tell if you have reached the right level is if your wee is clear and uncoloured.

You should keep a bottle, possibly isotonic in nature, pitchside and if you get the chance you should use it.This will ensure you are replacing fluids as you sweat, and also the essential minerals and sports drinks will provide much-needed additional carbs and electrolytes too.

During training sessions, sip water continually. Your coach should ensure there are plenty of opportunities for this. Most people will lose more water through sweating than they are realistically able to take on, so post-game hydration is essential.

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Taking on water is lengthy but necessary task.

The best way to think about hydration is as a continual process. Not maintaining adequate hydration during the week leading up to a big game is likely to have an effect on your performance, even if you do drink plenty on the day itself. The consumption of 2 to 2.5 litres is supposed to be what we all should drink anyway.

Sweating heavily during exercise will mean additional fluids are required. It is important to listen carefully to your body during a match or training session. If you start to feel tired (and you are in good physical shape and are eating well), you may be dehydrated. Also remember that alcohol and caffeine can leave you feeling tired and weak, as they hasten the dehydration process.

If you are a fan of spots you will find that you need to consume more liquids whilst you are training to replace the fluids that you lose. The Discount Football Kits that you choose, from suppliers such as kitking will help to keep you cool whilst you are running around and help combat dehydration.