I Have Been Working a New Job

I still have the old job, but it does not pay enough and is only part time. That was fine during school, but right now it is summer vacation and I need to make more money. Today I was helping this guy move into a place called Treasure at Tampines condo. It is a brand new place near the Tampines mall, in fact it is right across the street. At any rate he is somehow related to the guy I just started working for and he is apparently pretty well off as well. He honestly did not look the part, but we were moving stuff and I suppose most people do not wear a tuxedo when they are moving furniture. We spent more time stuck in traffic than we did working to be honest. There was construction work on the way and we were in a good sized truck that could not really get around too well in congested conditions.

I would say that this guy probably was not very good at driving a big truck through Singapore, but then I have no license at all and I have no clue how you would maneuver such a thing through a place like this city. In fact I can not imagine really trying to own a car in this city. It seems as though you would spend all of your time looking for a place to park if you ever got where you were going. At any rate that was the second longest part of this. It took us about half an hour to get to where we could unload the truck. There were half a dozen other trucks there before us and they did not want to give up their spaces so that we could proceed with the job we had to do.