How to create your own business app

Consumers are using their mobile phones to do more research and make more purchases than ever before. Websites are getting better at making the customer journey more streamlined, but there are still limits in terms of page load speeds and usability.


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Apps are a brilliant alternative for businesses, as they secure the consumer within your branded space and are optimised for mobile use. According to Google, people search for apps to make their life easier. Landlords and agents can use a Property Inventory App to ensure that all their legal safety obligations are undertaken each year. property inventory software from inventory base is just one example of how a company has moved towards an app as well as offering their traditional software based products.

So where do you start, when it comes to creating an app for your business?

Customer research

You’ll want to perform extremely thorough customer research to see if there is even a market for your app. The best place to start is on your own website. Look at your website analytics to see how your customers use the website to buy your products or services. What devices do they use? Is there a pattern when it comes to drop-off or basket abandonment?

If people aren’t using your website to make purchases, ask them why? Is it because they then purchase from a competitor or a physical shop? Is it because the experience isn’t customer friendly? If the answers to these questions encourages you to make an app, what’s the next step?


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Development brief

Before you approach app developers, put a brief together for what you want the app to deliver. What functionality do you need and what do you want it to look like? Not only will it get you a more accurate quote, but it will also make the development process easier.


Once you’ve found an app and had it developed, test, test and then test some more! Ask your friends, family and current customers to test it. Take the feedback on board, update the app and then it’s ready for launch.


To help get the app found in the app store, search for an agency that performs SEO services. They will advise you on keywords and the best ways to get your app noticed in the various app stores and in mobile search results.

Once you have your target audience in mind, you’re working with a strong team of developers and an experienced SEO agency, and the app is live, keep refining and updating it to match customer demand.