The Evolution of Dating: from Person to Screen

Dating has always been an adventure. Some want to meet their Prince Charming and sail around the world together, others want to party in Vegas and jump from one bed to the next, and others just want to have some fun with a brunette escort in Provo UT. No matter what ones preferred method of finding a partner is, one thing is for certain now-a-days: It’s easiest to use an app!

Some believe that dating has lost its appeal, and magic, due to many using apps such as Tinder rather than relying on socialising and interacting with others face-to-face, but what a lot of people are forgetting is that dating apps are only a skin change of services that have existed for centuries. When one thinks about it, is there much difference between a dating app and a dating website? Or between video dating and matchmaking agencies? Or even brothels? Apart from legalities the main difference is how long one wants a companion for, be it an hour, a weekend, or an eternity.

To some, dating is all about fun. They don’t want marriage and kids, they want dinner, drinks, and clubbing. For those an escort service is the perfect way to get what they want quickly without wasting the time of someone who has other plans. Others want a white wedding, children, and a long future together, those people are now flocking to apps to find a partner as they can customise their profile to display their exact relationship goals.

Some may not like today’s method of dating, but you can’t deny that it’s fast and efficient. Everyone knows what everyone else is looking for, and if your vision is not the same then you need not apply. The only question left is: Where does it all go from here?