The Right Attitude Goes a Long Way

I replaced my secretary recently with one that I hired from one of the corporate secretarial services in Singapore. This secretary started to have a nasty attitude with everyone. She would answer phone calls in a rude tone, talk down to everyone in the office, and would sometimes even cause trouble for the other employees. I couldn’t take anymore of her attitude, so I got rid of her. As expected, she gave me an attitude when I told her that she was fired. I was about to call security because I feared that she would do something, but she gathered her things and left without letting things go too far. Once she left, everyone in the office cheered and clapped.

The lack of a secretary left a hole in my organization for a bit, but since I was able to hire one that replaced her, things changed for the better. The new secretary was the complete opposite of the one that I fired. She was nice to everyone, and would always answer phone calls in the most courteous manner. Everyone in the office loved to interact with her, and at the end of the day, everyone was happy. Most importantly, the secretary was great at her job. She could type pretty fast, create all kinds of documents and knew how to use various software, and did things on time.

The next time I hire someone, I’ll make sure that they can work well with others. I was lucky to find a secretary that is nice, but if I have to hire anyone else for other positions around the office, there is a chance that they may not be so nice. I would love to have potential employees do a trial run around the office to see how they perform, but I’m not sure if anyone would be willing to do that for free. I would probably have to pay anyone who would want to participate in the trial.