They Want to Ruin My Fruit

I have a lot of land that I use to grow fruits on trees. I love having the trees because it gives me fresh fruit that I can eat throughout the year. There is one problem that comes from having fruit trees, and that’s the pests that try to eat the fruit, namely birds. The birds will start pecking away at a piece of fruit, and then move on to the next one without finishing a single fruit. In order to keep the birds from ruining all of my fruit, I hired a company that offers bird netting services to install bird netting to keep them away from my trees.

Before deciding on bird netting, I tried to use alternative methods to get rid of the birds. I set up scare crows next to the fruit trees, thinking that the birds would be too scared to fly near them, even though they weren’t crows at all. The birds simply landed on top of the scarecrow as if it was nothing, and then flew from there to the fruit trees. I tried spraying at the birds with water from a hose, but they were too quick for me, and there was no way I could hit them all with the hose.

After my failure with the alternatives, I turned to the company and let them handle the work. They quickly put up the bird netting, and the birds couldn’t get to my fruit trees at all. I could still get to the trees whenever I wanted to, but I didn’t have to worry about the birds messing with the fruit. I understand that birds are a part of nature and have to eat food just like everything else, but they don’t have to get it from my fruit trees, especially since they peck every fruit on the tree.