5 Questions to Ask The Endodontists

Anytime a patient hears their regular dentist suggest they schedule an appointment with an Vancouver Endodontist it can leave the patient with a lot of questions. Before going to the appointment it’s a good idea to have some questions written down. Listed below are five things you might want to take along to your appointment.

  1. What type of equipment is used during the procedure. An Endodontist performs this type of treatment more frequently than a Dentist will in their practice. That means they have specialized equipment to make the process easier and faster. Having this equipment also helps resolve any unexpected challenges that might happen during treatment.
  2. Are antibiotics required.There are certain kinds of systemic health issues for example a past history of infective endocarditis could mean you might be prescribed an antibiotic prophylaxis. This is to prevent any oral bacteria from entering your bloodstream during the procedure. Discuss this when meeting with the Endodontist for the first time.
  3. How many visits are needed. While most root canal treatments only require a single visit some may need 2 visits to complete treatment. When a second visit is called for the Endodontist will place a temporary filling until the follow up treatment.
  4.  How soon should I make my root canal appointment. During your visit with your regular Dentist he may already have discussed your symptoms with the specialist. This exchange of information will give them an idea of how soon you should seek treatment. There are situations where a serious tooth injury may need a more thorough exam by the specialist. It’s always wise not to delay treatment even if your symptoms are not serious.
  5. What should I do if I experience pain after my root canal treatment. Once you’ve finished treatment the Endodontist should provide the patient with a pain management plan for the first few days after your procedure. It might include pain medications as well as applying cold packs usually off and on. If you’re still experiencing pain 3 days later giving the Endodontists office a call might be advisable to see if you need to have your tooth checked.

Root canal treatments in Vancouver can be a highly effective treatment in saving injured or infected natural teeth. If you’re experiencing unexplained tooth pain don’t delay having a thorough exam performed. In the Vancouver area give us a call at Kitsilano Endodontist today to book your appointment.