Setting up your first office space

For many of us the world of work has had to change considerably over the last nine months or so. The sudden and dramatic increase of those of us working from home has shot up to levels that are unprecedented. For those already working from home they no doubt say “welcome” and they will know that you are going to make a great success of it. For example, people that work from home take less sick days and are statically more productive than those working in an office. It is easier to care for children picking them up from school and so forth or to keep an eye on elderly relatives (particularly important at this time!) without having to juggle the hours spent in the office. Not only that but it is nice to be in your own chosen comfortable surroundings rather than the “inspirational” poster laden domain of the office. You can boil a kettle instead of having to get instant tea from a machine for example.

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You may have had an information pack from your employer telling you what your responsibilities are in terms of working from home and it may have touched on the need for a dedicated space. This is actually good advice that any home worker will tell you is needed. It is standard common sense stuff. You should keep mobile phones away and try to eliminate any interruptions or distractions during the day as much as you can. However it is good to always try and keep in touch with your colleague and workmate as much as you can so that you do not start to feel isolated and in a bubble. Luckily, ZOOM. Duo, Microsoft Teams and of course Skype can help you do stay in touch to a very high degree. They also offer face to face discussions.

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There is one final thing that you should make sure that you have in place. Its related to the dedicated work area. If you can devote a room, a part of the living room or maybe even a garage or conservatory over to an office space then you will be more successful at home working. You might even want to put up an “inspirational” poster for old times sake. One thing that you could do is invest in some  Next day office furniture who can supply you with a decent chair and a proper work desk. You’ll start to feel like you are your own boss, all the while checking in with your own wherever they are based, at regular intervals.

It may be that this is just going to be a short term thing but as we continue along the current path it seems like this is going to be the “new normal” for a good while yet. Even when this is all over you might find. As many others are that working from home is better. Will employees be able to argue otherwise if it all continues to be successful? Only time will tell.