5 Reasons Why People Choose Cremation

According to scholars, cremation started during the early Stone Age in Europe and the Near East. In the US, the first crematory was built in Washington, Pennsylvania in 1876. Since then, cremation has started to become more popular among American citizens. As mentioned in a report in 2020, 44% of Americans prefer to get cremated over having a traditional burial.

But why do many people prefer cremation services in Laredo? There are tons of reasons, and here are some of them:

  • It Is Cheaper Than a Traditional Burial

The cost of cremation depends on whether you want to hold other services like a memorial or ceremony. If you desire the most affordable option, you should opt for direct cremation. But even if you do wish to hold a visitation or a wake, cremation would still be cheaper than having a traditional burial. 

To understand this further, let’s take a look at the dispositions needed for both burial and cremation. When having a burial, you would have to pay for a casket, headstone, grave lot, mortician services, grave digging fee, and more. With cremation, you basically just need to make payments for the cremation process, urn, and memorial services.

  • The Process Is Simpler and More Convenient

Planning and holding a funeral service can be overwhelming for the bereaved family members. But since the process of a cremation funeral is simple, straightforward, and only requires a few decisions to be made, it can be the better option for the grieving family.

Having a cremation service is also more convenient compared to traditional burial. For example, holding a burial involves planning the logistics for the transportation of the body and the casket and arranging mortician services. With cremation, it’s easy to transport the ashes to any place where you want to hold a memorial service.

  • You Don’t Have to Hold a Memorial Service Right Away

When you choose to have a traditional burial, you would have to hold a funeral or memorial service right after death. With cremation, a memorial service can take place even after months or years have passed. This would give you more time to plan and prepare. 

Also, cremation would be a perfect option for you if you have friends and relatives who live far away and want to attend the memorial service. Given the time constraint of a traditional burial, they may not be able to attend the service. With cremation, you can easily schedule a memorial service at a time and place that’s convenient for everyone.

  • Less Environmental Impact

Although cremation isn’t as environmentally-friendly as green burial or alkaline hydrolysis, it is more ecological than a traditional burial. This is because cremation doesn’t require embalming, a casket or coffin, and land. But if you choose to bury the urn, it wouldn’t use as much space as a coffin would.

In addition, the process of manufacturing a casket is more harmful to the environment than the procedures of making an urn. The amount of lumber needed to build a single casket is 100 board feet (BF). 

An average urban tree can yield 150 to 200 BF of lumber. That being said, you need to cut down a tree to build a casket or two. The main ingredients used for embalming fluids are also detrimental to the environment.

  • There’s a Lot You Can Do With the Cremated Remains

In the movies, we often see people scattering the ashes of their loved one at sea or park. This happens in real life too, but there is actually a lot more you can do with the cremated remains. You can keep them in an urn and store them in your house, bury them in your garden, or use them to grow a tree. 

You can also turn cremated remains into memorial jewelry. This way, you can always be with your loved one wherever you go. Some people also choose to store the cremated remains of their loved one in cuddly toys so they can hug them whenever they want to.

Choose Whatever Your Heart Desires

With all the reasons listed above, do you still prefer traditional burial services, or would you rather opt for cremation services in Laredo? In case you need some guidance, you can always reach out to a funeral director or consult with your trusted friends and family members.