6 Signs Your Website Needs A Rework

Every website owner knows that pain and joy that comes with creating and maintaining a website. Our websites are like our digital canvasses where we can visualize our ideas and present our image to the world. However, working on a website does not end after it’s launched. Over the years, you will have to look for signs that show that your website needs a makeover.

  1. Is it responsive?

As the smartphone technology saturated the market, more and more users are accessing the Internet through their mobile device. It is no longer acceptable for a web design to be compatible with laptop and desktops only, it should be able to adjust itself depending on the user’s device. Making your website responsive to any device ensures a good user experience all the time.

  1. Is the design sleek and clean?

Web design is now obsessed with flat. A flat interface creates a sleek and professional look and also helps you prioritize what to put on your design. Revisit your website and analyse if all the elements are still necessary and if they go together. It may be time to chop off some unnecessary buttons and sliders.

  1. How fast can your website load?

This one is linked to your website’s responsiveness to different devices. The trend today is to let the website load fast by allowing the users not to download that much information. Since most of us are mobile, our data connection is limited as well and we ought to make the most out of it. Ensure that your landing page is crisp, concise, and has a clear message. Avoid unnecessary elements, and seek some inspiration on this from online brands that have thousands to spend making sure all elements of their site both server a purpose, are clean and well designed and load fast. Some great examples of this are Nike, Oakley sunglasses, Gucci and Gillette.

  1. Are there pages that fail to load properly?

Inspect every page of your site to make sure that each of them is loading properly. If you’ve encountered the “404: Page not Found” error message, then this is a clear sign that your content management system (CMS) needs an upgrade. Fix broken links, missing images, text, and other content, and make sure that your site map reflects all the working pages.

  1. Is your SEO up to date and optimized?

A website is not all about user-friendliness and the design. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo, have to know that your website exists. How? By making sure that your SEO is always up to date. Feed your site with new keywords every day and make sure that your SEO seeps down to your website’s codes.

  1. Are you losing visitors over time?

If you notice a decreasing trend in your website visitors over time, then that’s the clearest sign that you may have to revisit and revamp your website. Visitor behaviour can tell you a lot; which of your pages attracts the most visitors, which page they linger the longest, which pages has the highest click-throughs, and others. Invest on a good analytics software so you can see the trend and make decisions based on this. You may use Google Analytics as well to take a peek on how your website is performing so far.

According to Darryl Stevens, CEO of digiTech Web Design Austin, if your website is not converting visitors into customers then it may be time for an update. We have found that staying on the cutting edge of design trends and applying intelligent UI / UX design will enable you to increase visitor conversions. Modern websites build trust, because the visitor subconsciously believes that if the website is top notch than the service offered must be as well.

A good website is built on content, design, user interface, and other important factors. Make sure that you stay on top of every aspect of your website so you can anticipate bottlenecks and challenges that you may encounter along the way.