Low-calorie drinks to keep you hydrated

Homemade iced tea has an acquired taste and is popular in the USA. It does have nutritional benefits and it makes for a refreshing summer drink. If iced tea does not appeal to you, there are plenty of alternatives, such as herbal teas in a variety of flavours from chamomile to blackberry and blueberry to strawberry and vanilla. They can be consumed hot or cold, and with added vitamin C, they will ensure your immune system stays on form.

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Perfect summer drinks will ensure you stay cool

Kombucha has come to prominence in recent years thanks to the reported health benefits. This is a fermented, living tea, and it’s made from yeast and live bacteria. The probiotics and living enzymes will ensure your gut stays healthy, and you will feel refreshed with this naturally fizzy drink.

Coconut water is seen as a health drink and can help fill in any nutritional gaps if you feel you aren’t eating as well as you should. It’s an all-natural way to stay hydrated and cut the amount of sodium in your body. Coconut water can help you ward off cramps, and the potassium keeps fluid and electrolytes balanced in your body, especially during exercise. It’s best consumed ice cold, and it’s a super summer drink.

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Follow the juicing trend

Juicing at home has also risen in popularity in recent years due to the many mixing products on the market. No matter which flavour combination you choose, the drink will be packed full of vitamins and minerals. From orange and banana to mixed berries, the combinations are endless. There are plenty of juicing machines on the market to help you make the most of your fruit, and even vegetables such as carrots to throw in the blend.

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According to the Economic Times, there is a growing demand for low-calorie versions of favourite beverages.

One liquid that has not been mentioned and is perhaps the most important is water, which remains the best way to hydrate. You can drink it straight from the fridge, or add a few slices of lemon.