A Good Clean Halloween Party

I was trying to think of something fun to do with everyone who works at our company. We always have a Christmas party as well as a Valentine’s Day dinner. We have a get together in the summer months at least twice, complete with cookouts and fun. We don’t do anything in the autumn months though, so I decided to talk to someone at the event entertainment company that we always use for our themed events. I explained that I wanted to do something either in September or October, and they suggested that we go with a Halloween themed party.

I thought that was a great idea! I am not into the whole monsters and goblins thing, but I don’t mind parties centered around the holiday. To me, a good Halloween party is bobbing for apples, having mazes, and cool music to dance to. I knew that this entertainment company would be able to open my eyes to more than that though. When they explained to me that they have spooky stilt walkers, jugglers who will use things like machetes, and characters who will tell a good and scary story, I knew that I was going with this.

They did offer me some things that I did not want, but they respected my wishes. It was easy enough to plan without tarot readings and astrologers because they offer so much. When I announced that the party would be held on that Halloween weekend, we had 95 percent of the workers sign up for it. We ended up having over 200 people attend, and it was such an amazing time. It was warm enough to where we could have a lot of the entertainment outside, and everyone had such a blast. This is definitely something we are going to do every year now.