How To Clean Different Office Floor Types

An office can show its wear in dozens of different tiny ways — from stains in the wood to dirt covering the carpet. For someone who comes to the office every day, these blemishes may not be noticeable at all, but any visitors will surely pick up on them immediately. 

There’s a lot of reasons to put time, money, and effort into keeping an office clean. It helps improve first impressions for customers or clients visiting for the first time. It helps employees to feel more valued. And it just feels nice being in a clean office building. 

One of the tricky parts about cleaning an office is that they often have different types of flooring that have different needs. Figuring out the proper way to clean your office may seem overwhelming. We’ve put together some tips on how to take care of the different floors that you might have in your office building. 

How To Clean Carpets 

Carpets can be deceiving, in that they seem fairly low maintenance, but the constant traffic of people walking across them will inevitably wear them down and make them dirty. Any office carpeting should get thoroughly vacuumed at least twice a week to keep them clean of surface-level dirt. You should also be sure that any stain-causing spills are cleaned up and properly treated immediately. 

In addition to regular vacuuming, carpets should be deep cleaned at least once every four months or as often as once a month. In most cases, your best bet is probably to hire an outside cleaning service to handle this deep cleaning, though bigger or more ambitious offices could purchase their own carpet shampooer machine. 

How To Clean Laminate Floors 

Laminate flooring also requires minimal maintenance but, as with carpet, it can begin to show signs of wear if you don’t take care of it. Regular sweeping with a broom will keep a laminate floor clean when it comes to smaller stuff. Bigger pieces of debris or sharp objects can be a problem though. If you’re not careful when removing them, the floor could get scratched, which cannot be fixed without replacing parts of the laminate. 

We would also suggest mopping laminate floors at least once a week. Don’t use too much water when mopping — just enough to make the floor shiny and clean. 

How To Clean Wooden Flooring 

Wooden flooring is some of the most stylish for any office. While it looks great, it also requires more attention to detail when cleaning. As with laminate flooring, you should sweep the floors regularly and be careful with larger debris that could leave scratches. Mopping once a week is also advised, as this will take care of stronger dirty build-up. 

It’s impossible to avoid scratches on wooden floors forever, and fading is also an issue that’s sure to pop up on heavily trafficked floors. To fix these more long-term issues, you’ll actually need to sand down the wooden flooring and then re-varnish the surface.

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