8 Best Tools for B2B

1) HubSpot 

Sales and marketing with HubSpot is an efficient way to track leads, build better customer relationships, and gather actionable information. 

HubSpot is free to use whether you’re looking for email automation, analytics, or meeting a schedule.

2) Unbounce 

Unbounce is a B2B tool that helps promote businesses by helping them create and test landing pages, sticky bars and pop-ups on their websites. Your CRM platform can be integrated with it so that you can conduct A/B tests on them.

A variety of templates are offered by this software solution. You can also edit the JavaScript and CSS to make adjustments to them.

3) Hootsuite 

This tool allows you to schedule all of your social media posts across multiple platforms well in advance. This tool lets you manage social media profiles from more than 30 platforms. 

How productive would you be if you could schedule and create one month’s worth of social media posts in a single day? 

4) Mailchimp

The email marketing tool Mailchimp lets you reach your target audience via emails. Mailchimp lets you send newsletters that include offers, news, and updates, plus more. It empowers businesses with seamless controls, a wide range of templates, and powerful integration and automation features. 

Professionally designed campaigns can help deliver powerful data-driven recommendations.

5) GetEmail.io

Not sure how to find someone’s email address? It is becoming easier and easier for businesses to collect email addresses by using GetEmail.io, a tool that finds email addresses for anyone using their first name, last name, and the business’s domain name.

GetEmail.io uses Big Data & Machine Learning Algorithms to

find the email addresses of any professional or potential prospect in just one second.

6) Zoom

With Zoom, you can organize webinars and schedule meetings, easily. It is an essential tool for any B2B marketer, as it allows you to have 100 interactive video participants in your events and an unlimited audience, virtually.

A dual-screen option in Zoom allows viewers to see both the panellist as well as the presentation simultaneously.

7) Salesforce

With Salesforce, you can manage a lot of customers and lead data, which is perfect for managing business-to-business marketing. This can help you establish strong relationships with customers and prospects.

The Salesforce platform gives you what you need whether you’re opening an e-commerce store, driving engagement, sales, or even getting detailed analytics of your performance.

8) GetResponse 

GetResponse is one of the top marketing automation solutions out there, helping you build landing pages, promote webinars, and send email campaigns from a single platform. With no onboarding fee, users have a great user experience.