Foods that every footballer should have in their diet

Athletes of all sports now perform at elite levels and some of this is down to the amount of money and time committed to researching the best ways of fuelling their bodies. Football is no different.

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A healthy diet should be followed by everybody, but is even more essential for athletes, as the British Nutrition Foundation explains.

Footballers benefit from a healthy diet due to the large amounts of energy used while playing, the need for mental alertness for a long period of time and being able to recover quickly to be able to train regularly.

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Best foods you need to eat every day to up your libido

When boys and girls reach puberty, their sexual desires are ignited and it is more out of curiosity that they try to engage in sexual activities. If they are not guided by their parents, elders, and teachers they could get the wrong notion of what sex is all about and end up with antisocial issues.

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