Best Outdoor Summer Activities

The Spring and Summer this year are unlike any we’ve been through before, we all miss some favorite things this year. If you usually spend time with friends and family socializing and other activities there’s still many ways to make the most of this season safely. Let’s explore some ways you can participate in outdoor activities, even engage in some fun social distancing with people.

Gardening And Yard Work

Planting your own vegetable garden can be very meditative and relaxing and you even reap the rewards of growing your own food. You may be living somewhere with no outdoor space … Read more

Protect your home from Severe Summer Storms

Notwithstanding some forecasts of below average rainfall this summer for Calgary, summer storms are a fact of life as shown by early records available for this continent. As early as 1775, the Newfoundland hurricane was recorded to have taken 4,000 lives.

In the new millenium, hurricanes Juan (2003), Noel (2007), and Igor (2010) all cause catastrophic damage, claiming dozens of lives and hundreds of millions in destroyed goods and property.

It’s good that weather forecasting has improved a lot over the decades, but we can only prepare for the onslaught of severe summer storms when the weatherman gives his warnings. … Read more