Shoe colours to wear with a navy dress

Navy is the official sister of black and goes with just about any other colour. It is a colour commonly worn by men, from suits to knitwear, but is also a popular colour for women, with a variety of dresses and workplace suits available. Finding a navy shoe that matches can sometimes be impossible; fortunately, there are several colours that complement navy.

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Bold colours complement navy

Black is not a good choice, so it is best to go for a completely different colour. Be bold and daring; alternatively, if you are not feeling so confident, you can select … Read more

Could tracksuits and trainers be the future of British office wear?

Trends come and go, and by its very nature, fashion sees us all dressing in a similar way. There are trends that stand out, some that stand the test of time, and some we wish we could forget – puffball skirt, anyone?

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Today’s ‘must-wear’ trend is the growing popularity of athleisure; comfortable, sport-type attire that isn’t worn to play any type of games. Think trainers, leggings, sweatshirts and other similar pieces. Today, these casual items are beginning to make it into the workplace.

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Dress code

Many businesses are relaxing their dress codes and ‘business dress’ is … Read more